FWS v2 is now available in EVAL to support Financial Transformation efforts

February 4, 2021

Preparation for UW Finance Transformation

The Enterprise Data Platform is working closely with our partners to ensure that our services are in place to support you in your efforts to prepare for UW Finance Transformation (UWFT). If you would like to better understand the current state of  the UWFT program, please review the resources provided at https://finance.uw.edu/uwft. If you have not engaged with the Finance Program yet and would like to learn more about how your specific processes may be impacted by UWFT, we encourage you to reach out to the UWFT Change Network at https://finance.uw.edu/uwft/change-network

Financial Web Services v2 (FWS v2)

When FT goes live, we will be retiring the current version of FWS and replacing it with a new service, FWS v2, that will reflect the Workday Foundation Data Model (FDM), which is the technical framework that organizes financial data to support both financial and managerial reporting in Workday. 

We are currently developing the new Financial Web Service (FWS v2) and provisioning data from Workday tenant UW11. This data is available to you today in an EVAL environment in order to help inform future state design of your own services and processes.

Preview vs EVAL

  • If you have been connected to our Preview in the DEV environment:
    • you will automatically have access to the EVAL environment.
    • you are welcome to continue using the DEV environment if you are OK with changes made on a daily frequency without notice. We continue to recommend that you only connect via a browser in DEV, although we will make it available for applications to connect upon request.
  • If you would like to connect in a more stable environment where you will receive communications before any changes are made via fws-ft-users, then we recommend the EVAL environment. We highly recommend the EVAL environment if you will be connecting an application.

Getting Started on FWS v2 EVAL

  • Follow the instructions in Getting Started Guide | FWS to gain access and get started.
  • Refer to the Swagger documentation for the most up to date data structure – FWS v2 Swagger documentation.
  • Even though FWS v2 is in EVAL, we are still actively developing and will be making changes along the way that could break your application or processes. By subscribing to  fws-ft-users mailman list, you will be kept informed of these changes so that you have the information you will need to adapt.

Upcoming changes to how FWS v2 represents Reference IDs

We are planning to make a significant change in how FWS v2 EVAL represents Reference IDs in order to better reflect Workday behavior. This change will be reflected in an upcoming release and will require you to change how you select Reference IDs. For more details, see the page, titled ‘How FWS v2 will handle Reference IDs‘ on our Wiki page. We will send a notification to fws-ft-users when these changes will be applied to EVAL.


  • Please submit support requests to fws-support@uw.edu with ‘FWS v2 EVAL’ in the subject line.
  • Subscribe to fws-ft-users to stay current on upcoming deployments and changes.
  • Subscribe to the new Finance Transformation FWS v2 Wiki page; we will be adding new resources to this page periodically.
  • We will support questions related to e.g. missing data, data structure, access/connection issues, and adding access for additional NetIds or Applications.
  • For questions regarding data quality please contact UWFT at uwftask@uw.edu.