FWS v2 EVAL Release 5 is now available

January 12, 2022

Enterprise Web Services has just released an update for FWS v5 EVAL to support UW Finance Transformation.

Change Summary:

  • Several new resources and fields have been added. See FWS v2 R5 Release Notes for details.
  • New search features have been added to most endpoints, including search by ‘changed_since_date’ and the ability to filter inactive results if the record contains an active field.
  • New Branch endpoint that allows for the viewing of entities/entity hierarchies and their related hierarchies from the bottom up.
  • New Workday Hierarchy endpoint that provides summarized hierarchy information including Total Nodes, Max Depth, Total Branches, etc.
  • Some breaking changes were introduced. See FWS v2 R5 Release Notes for details.
  • Minor bug fixes.

See our FWS v2 R5 Release Notes for a complete list of new features, changes, and bug fixes.

Additional resources, including a ‘Getting Started Guide’ to support your evaluation, are available on our FWS for Finance Transformation Support page.

We have already started working on Release 6, scheduled for April 2022. Bookmark the R6 Release Notes page to watch our progress. When you see a change item move to “Ready for Review” or “Done” before the release date, then this will indicate that a change is available in DEV. You can also use this page to monitor upcoming breaking changes so there are no surprises!


  • Please submit support requests to fws-support@uw.edu with ‘FWS v2 EVAL’ in the subject line
  • Subscribe to fws-ft-users to stay current on upcoming deployments and changes
  • Subscribe to the FWS for Finance Transformation Support page; we will be adding new resources to this page periodically
  • We will support questions related to e.g. missing data, data structure, access/connection issues, and adding access for additional NetIds or Applications

For questions regarding data quality please contact UWFT at uwftask@uw.edu