EWS EVAL Release 11 is now available

July 28, 2022

Enterprise Web Services (EWS) has just released an update in EVAL for multiple web services in support of UW Finance Transformation (UWFT). For an overview of how EWS is adapting to support UWFT, refer to EWS for Finance Transformation.

Monthly Scheduled Releases

Updates to EVAL for all EWS services are released on the same monthly schedule. This allows us to better synchronize with Enterprise Data Platform’s release schedule for Finance Transformation. For more information, refer to the Data Availability Timeline.

What’s New in EWS Release 11

Web Service
Overview of Release
FWS v2 (Outbound)
  • Breaking Changes were made to the /Customer and /Sponsor resources
  • New data was introduced to the /PurchaseItem resource

For more information, refer to FWS Reference Data (Outbound) – Release 11. For support, refer to Support | FWS.

FWS v2 (Inbound)
  • A new version of the FWS Access Request form has been published and can be accessed from Step 6 of the FWS Getting Started guide. In order to ensure we have ALL of the information we need to get you started with FWS v2 Inbound, we are asking all existing users and those who have outstanding requests to resubmit using the form.
  • Improvements  were made for error messaging

For more information, refer to FWS Common Transactions (Inbound) – Release 11. For support, refer to Support | FWS.

  • No customer-facing changes were introduced in this release.

Note: If you are a current user of HRPWS v2, we ask that you transition to HRPWS v3 by end of 2022. If you are a new user, your HRPWS integration does not need to be ready until UWFT Go Live.

For support, refer to Support | HRPWS. For an introduction to HRPWS and Finance Transformation, including information on the transition from v2 to v3, refer to HRPWS for Finance Transformation.