EDW for Finance Transformation Release 21 is Now Available

May 31, 2023

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) has released an update in UWODS and WDFinDataMart in support of UW Finance Transformation (UWFT). For an overview of how EDW is adapting to support UWFT, refer to EDW for Finance Transformation.

Monthly Scheduled Releases

Updates to UWODS and WDFinDataMart are released on the same monthly schedule. This allows us to better synchronize with Enterprise Data Platform’s release schedule for Finance Transformation. For more information, refer to the Data Availability Timeline.

Updated access to UWODS and WDFinDataMart data

If you HAVE ACCESS to EDW HR/Payroll and or Finance data in PRODUCTION today, you now have access to the same type of data in UWODS and WDFinDataMart without requiring a special request to access. We have updated the Getting Started l UWODS and Getting Started l WDFinDataMart guides accordingly.

What’s New in EDW Release 21


Overview of Release

UWODS This release includes:

  • No new tables were added.
  • 38 new columns were added to existing tables.
  • Introduced Breaking Changes by renaming and removing fields in multiple tables.

New or Revised Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) available 

  • Why are the PayComponentEarning columns in the PayrollResultLine view null? Should I use PayComponentGroup instead?

See FAQ | UWODS to learn more about this updated FAQ!

Known Data Issues are as follows:

    • Some Tables are missing data. Refer to Tables Missing Data | UWODS
    • Truncated data due to bad test data not following expected standards
    • Some definitions are unknown

For more information, refer to UWODS – Release 21. For support, refer to Support l UWODS.

WDFinDataMart This release includes:

  • Persistent keys have been implemented for 43 dim tables in WDFinDataMart. This will cause a one-time change to the SIDs in all of the dim tables.
  • There were no Breaking Changes introduced for this release.

Known Data Issues

  • Some Tables are missing data. Refer to Tables Missing Data | WDFinDataMart
  • Truncated data due to bad test data not following expected standards
  • Some definitions are unknown

For more information, refer to WDFinDataMart – Release 21. For Support, refer to Support l WDFinDataMart

EDW Release Schedule

We have already started working on next month’s release. Bookmark Release Notes | UWODS and Release Notes | WDFinDataMart to follow our progress.

Support Available to Transition Human Resource/Payroll Data from ODS to UWODS

When UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) goes live, the current state ODS database will be frozen and the UWODS database will be introducedFor more information, refer to Transitioning HR Data from ODS to UWODS.

Guidance for Writing Code Using Finance Data in WDFinDataMart and UWODS

We have provided a link on the UWODS and WDFinDataMart Sample Queries pages that take you to a resource where you can find sample queries for common finance related questions. This resource is under construction and restricted to current EDW and BI Portal finance data viewers. Use at your own risk.

You will find this link under the Finance Data Concepts and Queries section on these pages:

Join Us for Enterprise Reporting and Analytics (ERA) Office Hours

EDW Subject Matter Experts are now available during the Enterprise Reporting and Analytics (ERA) Office Hours every Friday from 9 to 10.
Please drop in to ask your UWODS and WDFinDataMart questions. You can either sign up ahead of time or drop by during the session:

EDW Data Load Status for Production and Test Environments

Based on our requests from customers, we have published a stand alone EDW Data Load Status page for both EDW Production and Test environments. This replaces the Data Load Status information that was previously embedded in the EDW help page. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

EDP for FT Resource Available

EDP for Finance Transformation offers services that reflect the Foundation Data Model (FDM) and Finance Reference Data; however, because the changes to finance data are so transformational, we are not able to answer questions that are specific to your unit or provide guidance on how to use this data. Fortunately, there are various UWFT resources available to help with this aspect of the transformation and we’ve compiled a list of these resources on the Resources for Understanding Finance Transformation page. We will update this page as more resources are identified, so please watch for updates.