BI Portal New Release: Notify Course Section Demand by Student Major

October 28, 2021

Available Now: New Dashboard Helps You Help Students

The Notify Course Section Demand by Student Major dashboard is now available on the BI Portal. Built through the collaboration of the Report Prioritization Group (RPG), the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) team, and the Enterprise Reporting Analytics (ERA) team, this new Tableau visualization is where student advisers and coordinators can use data to see which courses are in high demand.


What is it? 

The dashboard for the Notify Course Section Demand by Student Major is a Tableau visualization that displays data related to students who have signed up to receive notifications from the Notify.UW system.


It’s Built for You

If you’re a student advisor or program coordinator, you can use the dashboard to filter for specific majors and readily determine if students in those majors have signed up to receive notifications for a specific course section(s). With registration and degree information included, you will be able to get a more complete picture of a student’s course registration activity for any given quarter.


Help for Students

The dashboard allows you to determine student interest in courses offered by your program, information that enables you to reach out to students and help them register for a course at a critical point in a student’s progress toward their degree.


Get Access

Just a reminder that this dashboard is a Tableau dashboard. To connect to the UW Tableau server, you need to either be physically on the UW network (on campus) or connected through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). We recommend the UW-IT-supported Husky OnNet VPN. Find out how to download and use Husky OnNet at IT Connect: Download and Use Husky OnNet.

Furthermore, you will need an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Astra role to access the dashboard if you don’t already have one. Follow the instructions to “Request Access to Reports, Analytics, and Data” on IT Connect.



If you have any questions about this new dashboard, please don’t hesitate to write to us at and put “Notify Course Section Demand by Student Major” in the subject line.