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MWS training room

As of 10/1/2018, the Managed Workstation training room in Roosevelt Commons is no longer available.

How we provide the Managed Workstation service (MWS) training room has changed. See below for details.

What and When

During the first half of 2017, we refreshed the technology in the training room. There are photos of the space on the training room page. It’s a great option for any session that has 19 or fewer participants which each need a computer.

Using the MWS training room still requires a reservation—there is now a form which captures the needed details to streamline the reservation process.

Use of the room is open to any UW department and costs $60/hour. In the past, we bundled the costs associated with the training room into the MWS rate, but University practices have mandated we separate out this cost to ensure fair access and use. We do include ½ hour of our assistance per reservation; if more assistance is needed, we can provide that at the MWS consulting rate.

There are a variety of reservation practices which we have documented at


More info

You can find out more info about the training room at There is also a link there to other technology spaces at the UW.


Brian Arkills

Managed Workstation service owner