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Hardware tokens

A hardware token is a small, physical device that you carry with you. UW-IT provides one-button hardware tokens that display a one-time passcode for signing in with 2FA. You can also register your own personal hardware token (if compatible; see below).

Hardware tokens aren’t recommended because they have a higher administrative cost than other options, and they require safe disposal as electronic media.

Hardware tokens provided by UW-IT

Do I have to use hardware token?

No, you can choose to use other devices for 2FA. Other device types and sign-in options are described on the 2FA home page.

Can I request a hardware token from UW-IT?

Yes, UW-IT provides hardware tokens to people who really need one. If you don’t have an Entrust token, please submit a Hardware Token Request. If you currently have an Entrust token, please visit the Migration from Entrust to Duo page for more information.

How much do hardware tokens cost?

UW-IT provides hardware tokens at no charge. We’re assessing demand for new and replacement tokens to ensure a fair, sustainable funding model across 2FA device types.

What kind of hardware token does UW-IT provide?

As of June 12, 2017, we are providing Feitian OTP c100 tokens to new users. Previously, we provided Entrust tokens and some Duo D-100 tokens.

Personal hardware tokens

Can I register my own hardware token?

Yes, we offer limited support for compatible hardware tokens, purchased individually or by your department. Please contact us if you want to register other hardware tokens. Please include the device type (Yubikey, OATH HOTP-compatible token, etc.) in your message and we’ll confirm whether or not it’s compatible. If it is, we’ll help you register and link the device to your account.

Can I register my own Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) device?

Yes, please refer to information on setting up a U2F device.