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Migration from Entrust to Duo

What’s changing?

On April 19, UW-IT introduced Duo as the new solution for two-factor authentication (2FA).

Duo replaces the previous solution based on Entrust hardware tokens.

Users with Entrust tokens will have Spring/Summer quarters to migrate to Duo.

I have an Entrust token. What do I need to do?

Do you want to start using a different kind of 2FA device?

If you want to start using your smartphone, tablet, mobile phone, or landline as your 2FA device, and no longer require a hardware token, please enroll in Duo at your earliest convenience. Information about setting up devices is on the 2FA home page. Your Entrust token will continue to work until you enroll in Duo.

Do you want to continue to use a hardware token?

If you really need a hardware token, please continue to use your Entrust token until you receive an update on how to request a new hardware token.

Until you enroll in Duo, your Entrust token will continue to allow you to sign in to all two-factor protected applications, including Workday.

In May, we will contact people with active Entrust tokens and ensure you have a replacement.

What if I no longer use my Entrust token?

Please return it to the UW-IT Service Center, so that we can dispose it safely.

Return Address:

UW-IT Service Center
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE
Box 359540
Seattle, WA 98105

What happens when I enroll in Duo?

Once you enroll in Duo you will no longer need your Entrust token. You can return it to the UW-IT Service Center.

Why are we migrating to Duo?

Duo is used for 2FA throughout the research and education community because it combines security, usability, accessibility, reliability, and it offers choice of 2FA devices.

Duo enables the University to expand 2FA to all faculty, staff, and student employees who sign in with UW NetIDs to access systems that require 2FA when you sign in.

Why can’t I use my Entrust token with Duo?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t export the Entrust token data to import into Duo. Everyone with an Entrust token will therefore have to migrate to one of the Duo device options.