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ASTRA 2.1 Automated Deprovisioning

ASTRA 2.1 allows integrated applications to automate access removal for terminated employees.

What’s new with ASTRA 2.1?

Before ASTRA 2.1, application teams and/or individual authorizers had to do periodic access reviews and manually remove authorizations to comply with access policies. With ASTRA 2.1, access policies can be applied to authorizations in ASTRA, so that authorizers can only create new authorizations that align with access policies, and current authorizations are automatically removed by ASTRA when employees terminate their employment.

What are the benefits to the UW?

Improved administration. Over TBD administrators, supervisors, and managers are authorizers for applications that rely on ASTRA for access management processes. By automating the removal of authorizations for terminated employees, these administrators and others can focus their time and attention on other activities, relying on employee termination processes in Workday and related IT processes in ASTRA to obviate periodic access reviews and manual removal processes.

What are the benefits to ASTRA authorizers?

ASTRA authorizers benefit from the improved efficiency of automated removal of authorizations. For example, ASTRA authorizers don’t have to search for and remove authorizations for terminated employees. Instead, ASTRA 2.1 will remove them automatically for applications that adopt ASTRA 2.1.

Do ASTRA authorizers still need to review authorizations?

Yes, particularly for job transfers, consistent with the access policies, schedules, and management practices of each application that relies on ASTRA.

What are the benefits to business application owners, their teams, and data custodians?

Business application owners, their teams, and related data custodians benefit from more effective information security and compliance with audit requirements, as authorizations in ASTRA will align better with access policies for applications that adopt ASTRA 2.1. Improved efficiency applies as well, if they are involved in day-to-day management of authorizations.

Do all applications have to adopt ASTRA 2.1 automated deprovisioning?

Business application owners and their teams decide if and when they want to adopt ASTRA 2.1.

How do applications transition to use ASTRA 2.1?

ASTRA 2.1 features can be turned on for each application that relies on ASTRA.

Business application owners and teams can refer to our ASTRA 2.1 onboarding guide for details.

Which applications have adopted ASTRA 2.1, or plan to do so?

The following table includes status for each application that relies on ASTRA.

The Status column shows which applications have adopted ASTRA 2.1 automated deprovisioning.

Support info
ASTRA 2.1 Status
Planned go-live date
Business Domain
Enterprise Data Warehouse EDW In Progress 2020-10-31 IT
eReimbursement eReimbursement In Progress 2020-10-31 Finance
eTravel eTravel eTravel access exception requests In Progress 2020-10-31 Finance
ProCard ProCard In Progress 2020-10-31 Finance
Sourcing Sourcing In Progress Finance
Financial Desktop MyFD Access to MyFD
MyFD Access Request
In Progress Finance
eProcurement eProc In Progress Finance
Ariba System Administration ARIBA Admin ARIBA Roles and Authorization In Progress Finance
MyUW Support Application MyUW Pending Student
WorkStudy WorkStudy Pending Student
Enrollment Confirmation System for Administration ECS Admin Pending Student
Office of Student Financial Aid Web Page OSFA Staff Pending Student
Student Personal Services View for SFS Staff SPS View for SFS Pending Student
Grant and Contract Certification Reports GCCR Pending Research, Finance
Cost Share Module eFECS Cost Share Pending Finance
Effort Reporting eFECS Effort Report Pending Finance
Tax Forms Tax Pending HR, Finance
Employee Search Employee Search Pending HR
Temporary Hourly Employment Monitoring Temporary Employment Pending HR, Finance
Security Management Application Tool SMAT Pending IT
Payment to Individuals P2I Pending Finance
HRPayroll Web Service HRPWS Pending HR
Canvas Canvas Pending Student
Pivot Pivot Pending Student
eTransmittal eTransmittal Pending Finance
Who Can Web Service WhoCanWS Pending IT
Student Groupcode Associations Student Groupcode Pending Student
Budget System BGT Pending Finance
Data Administration Personnel and Payroll DAPP Pending HR
Electronic Research Administration ERA Pending Research
Financial Web Service FWS Pending Finance
Purchase Accounting System PAS Pending Finance
Person Web Service PWS Pending Person
Space Inventory Management System SIMS Pending Facilities
SIS Web Stats SIS Web Stats Pending Student
Supplier Registration Workflow Supplier Registration Pending Finance
New or Modified Tuition Category Workflow Tuition Change Pending Student
Electronic Academic Records System EARS Pending Student
Content Web Service CWS Pending IT
IdCard Service IdCardWS Pending IT
Enterprise and Departmental Data Integration Editor EDDIE Pending IT
U-PASS Membership Manager U-PASS Pending Transportation
Equipment Insurance System EIS Pending Finance
Space Web Service SpaceWS Pending IT
Student Web Service SWS Pending IT
TeamBudget TeamBudget Pending Finance
Suite of Rome applications Rome Pending Finance
Rome Internal applications Rome-Internal Pending Finance
System to Administer Grants Electronically SAGE Pending Research, Finance
Department Tools for Time Schedule Dept Tools Pending Student
Tax A188 Monitor Tax A188 Monitor Pending HR, Finance
Windows Engineering Web Services WinEngWS Pending or Retire? IT
Global 404 Maintenance Global 404 Pending or Retire? IT
Key Web Service Key WS Pending or Retire? IT
Logger Service Logger Service Pending or Retire? IT
Vendor Payment System Vendor Payment Pending or Retire? Finance
School of Medicine Web Inquiry SOM Web Pending or Retire? TBD


Last reviewed September 11, 2020