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Special opportunities for research computing

The following special opportunities for research computing are available to the UW community.

Azure cloud computing credits for research and teaching

The University of Washington eScience Institute and UW Research Computing are partnering with Microsoft Azure to offer cloud computing credits to UW researchers for both research and teaching projects.

Azure cloud computing credits worth up to $150,000 will be awarded through the partnership, which can be used for any Azure service. Research projects can apply for up to $20,000 in credits, and teaching projects can apply for up to $10,000 in credits. Proposals for projects in any discipline are welcome as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • The research project is new and can take advantage of the Azure cloud computing resource. The project needs to have other necessary resources in place so that it can start as soon as the computing credits are awarded. OR,
  • The project is ongoing and the research team may or may not already be using Azure or other computing resources.
  • Teaching projects in any discipline that can take advantage of Azure. These include computing resources for undergraduate and graduate level for-credit courses, other short courses, and extracurricular research projects carried out by student clubs/teams with faculty mentoring. The lead teaching faculty or faculty mentors of student teams will need to be the Principal Investigators on the application and provide oversight for awarded projects.

Award decisions will be based on both scientific merit and sustainability, and awards must be user by June 30, 2021

Who may apply

Principal Investigators (PIs) and co-PIs should be faculty, postdocs, or research staff members at the University of Washington (including the Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma campuses). An individual may participate as PI/co-PI on only one proposal. Co-investigators, consultants and other personnel are not limited by this restriction.

How to Apply

To apply for Azure credits, submit an application online. Preference will be given to applications submitted by Wednesday November 25th.

Applications must also include a proposal that contains the following:

  • A project description, up to 2 pages, with minimum font size 10.
  • Research proposals should include specific aims, background, significance and innovation, and methods.
  • Teaching proposals should include the description of the class, the curriculum outline, and the computing projects.
  • Both research and teaching proposals should include a description of how the computing credits will be used, and documentation that any other resources needed for this project are in place (for example, grant award notification, personnel who would undertake the work, or course approval documentation).
  • A development timeline should be included in each proposal that shows the milestones for the project including the expected usage of the Azure resources as a function of time (1 page limit).
  • References (no page limit).

Review criteria

  • Suitability for cloud computing resources.
  • For research projects:
  • The significance and innovation of the proposed research
  • Likelihood of success
  • Impact to the research field
  • Potential for continuation, external funding and/or commercialization
  • For teaching projects:
  • The need for this resource
  • The relevance and significance of the projects to the class and the learning outcome
  • The number of students this will benefit

Post-award expectations

All teams will be expected to submit a brief progress report at the midpoint, and a brief closeout report at the end of the award duration. Unused credits will be reassigned to other projects.


For questions about this solicitation, please contact: Sarah Stone at

Last reviewed November 12, 2020