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High Performance Computing


Hyak NextGen Supercomputer

Propelling UW research with double the computing power


Computing Power Drives Discovery

Researchers can focus on their science, not setting up and maintaining computer systems


Predicting the Subatomic Future

Enabling a deeper understanding of the most powerful force in nature


Facilitating Data Set Sequencing Queries

Investigation of biogeochemical cycling—computationally intensive with significant data storage needs

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HPC: A Powerful Impact

Stats on grants funded, papers published, PhDs awarded and more

computer networking cables

HPC by the Numbers

How the UW provides supercomputing—stats on Hyak’s speed, power and ultra-efficient “elasticity”

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Research Computing Services

See the full range of services, including high performance computing, large-scale storage and consulting

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Using Your Data

How HPC at the UW allows you to transfer, archive and share your data