November 16, 2017

Protect your wireless-enabled devices with these security tips

Wi-Fi secured with a key and lock

UW’s wireless network is designed for secure, seamless access to online resources. But your device — be it a computer, phone, printer — may still be vulnerable. UW-IT and the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer recommend the following best practices:

  • Use secure protocols (e.g., https: in your web browser).
  • Always apply security updates to your operating system.
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date.
  • Use your computer’s built-in secure firewall.
  • Use Husky OnNet to securely connect to the UW network when off campus.
  • Do not install a departmental or “do it yourself” Wi-Fi access point. These are prohibited, can affect the performance and security of the UW’s Wi-Fi infrastructure, and can be vulnerable to an attack.
  • Turn off the wireless card in printers if not connecting to the UW’s Wi-Fi network.