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July 9, 2015


male opera singer

Are you a Puccini fan? Or perhaps Wagner is more your style. Whether you prefer Madama Butterfly or Don Giovanni, you can have the Metropolitan Opera right in your living room. Met Opera on Demand pro­vides stream­ing online access to over 500 Met­ro­pol­i­tan Opera performances. Brought to you by UW Libraries.

June 25, 2015

Effective July 1: UWATS Codes No Longer Needed for Domestic Long Distance Calls


Reminder: As of July 1, UW-IT will not bill for long distance calls to the U.S. and Canada, and you will not need to enter a UWATS code for these calls. If you have a fax machine with a UWATS code programmed into it, be sure to change the programming. The UW’s new unified phone rate includes basic telephone service, a handset, voicemail, and unlimited local and U.S./Canada long-distance calling for $8.70 per line per month. For details, see the Phone Rate and Long Distance FAQs. For international long distance, excluding Canada, you may continue to use your UWATS code or direct dial capability while UW-IT explores options and transitions that service in the upcoming academic year.

June 23, 2015

UW Students Invest in Research Computing


UW students have strengthened their ability to do research computing at the UW by investing in High Performance Computing (HPC) resources and forming a new HPC club. The Student Technology Fee Committee purchased capacity in Hyak, the University’s shared HPC cluster, guaranteeing access to over 600,000 compute hours per month and one-third of a petabyte of data storage. The new club will promote best practices, advocate for student needs and help to shape the UW’s HPC offerings.

See UW’s New HR/Payroll System, Workday, in New Video

HR/Payroll Modernization Workday logo

Take a peek at Workday, the UW’s new HR and payroll system coming in 2016, in a video created by the HR/Payroll Modernization project. The brief video offers a simple, fun approach to explaining the benefits of Workday. Read the most recent issue of UW@Work for details on the changes Workday will bring to UW employees, the new project timeline, changes to key design decisions, and how downstream systems and data users are being prepared to transition to the modern new system.

June 15, 2015

UW Students and Faculty See a Place for Social Media in Learning

social media icons

UW students and faculty are interested in the potential use of social media as a learning tool, even as they worry it may be a distraction in the classroom, according to a 2014 survey about technology experiences at the UW and other universities.  The survey is conducted every spring by the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) in conjunction with UW-IT, and findings help inform UW-IT’s plans for improving the teaching and learning experience.

June 2, 2015

Protect Your UW Email: Forward Phishing Spam Message as an Attachment

Phishing Scam warning

When you get an email that you think may be a spam/phishing message—such as one purporting to be from a bank asking you to “click a link” to validate your personal information—don’t. Instead, forward the message as an attachment (see instructions) to, which sends it to UW-IT and to the UW’s anti-virus vendor Sophos to improve their filtering capability. UW Medicine users can also cc Read more about what you can do to protect your UW Email.

June 1, 2015

New Centralized Fax Service Is Now Available

Sending a fax by email

Replace your fax machine with UW-IT’s Centralized Fax Service and save on paper and toner costs. This newly added service enables sending or receiving faxes from email or an easy-to-use Web page. UW-IT can transition your existing fax number or set up a new fax number to meet your needs. Get details.

May 31, 2015

Create Custom Visuals Using the Data Underlying UW Profiles

Data from UW Profiles, Student

UW Profiles has enhanced how the University can use data to understand key metrics about students, and now its data can be put to work to provide greater value for departments. You need Tableau software and access to student data in the Enterprise Data Warehouse to download the data files, and then you can create custom visualizations meaningful to your department or school, using the same UW Profiles data. Learn more.

May 29, 2015

SharePoint: A Versatile Tool in Use at the UW

People collaborating at a computer

Find out how UW departments are using UW SharePoint Online, a Microsoft Web application, to help manage large volumes of information and facilitate routine administrative tasks. Some use UW SharePoint Online’s built-in features, while others richly brand and customize their SharePoint site. Read more about how the iSchool and a School of Medicine department are using UW SharePoint Online, and get ideas about how it might help your team collaborate more productively. UW-IT can help your unit get started; just send a request to

May 28, 2015

Report Highlights Office of the CISO’s Strategy for Protecting UW’s Information and Privacy

Report cover

What is the UW doing to safeguard its vast amounts of information and data? Read the 2014 Information Security and Privacy Report, which highlights an “assumption of breach” risk-management approach to safeguarding the University’s information assets. This methodology blends intelligence analysis, data visualizations, and user education to understand and mitigate threats to valuable UW data, and promotes a culture of information security and privacy. The Report is published by the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), a division of UW-IT.

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