November 13, 2018

VeriCite checks papers for plagiarism

Pensive student with laptop studying in the university library

Instructors can use VeriCite, available in Canvas, to compare student papers with sources on the internet and papers submitted at the UW. Instructors can set up plagiarism review on a per-assignment basis in Canvas, and students can review the results

November 12, 2018

The internet of the ocean deepens our understanding of the ocean’s mysteries

Deep-sea octopus

Learn how scientists are unraveling the ocean’s mysteries with a sea of never-before-available data, and using research computing and data science tools to deepen our understanding of our planet’s life support system. They’re partnering with UW-IT and the UW’s eScience Institute for the expertise they need to accelerate their work.

November 8, 2018

Service Center responds to a record number of requests for help

UW-IT Service Center. 101,985 total help requests. Requests by type: 77% email, 22% phone, 1% in-person. 61 minutes average time to first response by email. 8,126 requests forwarded to UW departments. 50 seconds average time on hold.UW-IT’s Service Center experienced a record year for FY18, responding to multiple requests per day, 24/7, via, by phone and in person. This infographic shows you how.

November 7, 2018

Scout your favorite spot to study, eat and more

Italian hoagie with ham and vegetables

Get Scout, the mobile-friendly web app that helps you find valuable campus resources. Hankering for BBQ? Need a quiet study spot for 2 or 10? Want to borrow a video camera or other tech available to students? Use Scout to find what you need among the nearly 392 study spaces, 55 food spots and 173 tech items. Check out this video to see why Scout is just the app you need.

November 6, 2018

Review class lectures on Panopto

Woman listening to lecture on her laptop

View class lectures and presentations at your own pace with Panopto-recorded course sessions. Miss something covered in lecture? Reviewing for an exam? Recordings are viewable on most web browsers and mobile devices. You can also create your own recordings for class assignments.

November 5, 2018

Find and register for campus events

Violinist woman performs on stage.

Campus life at the UW goes beyond the classroom. Use the UW Campus Event Calendar to find performances, concerts, lectures and other opportunities to enjoy all the UW has to offer.

November 2, 2018

International students get MyUW-customized content

Picture of multiethnic group of young happy students

Are you an international student at the UW on a student visa? If so, MyUW recently launched content just for you. Customized by visa type and campus affiliation, you can easily find links to the important information you need and get reminder notices, including upcoming deadlines and updating your local address.

November 1, 2018

E-Resource: Get in-depth coverage of issues in the news with CQ Researcher

Little Girl Holding a "Protect My Kids" Sign

With the 2018 midterm elections right around the corner, learn more about issues in the news with the footnoted and fact-checked reports in CQ Researcher. Get in-depth coverage and find out pro and con views on a range of hot-button topics. Access to CQ Researcher is brought to you by UW Libraries.

October 31, 2018

Top 12 computing tips to stay safe online

screenshoot from video with data safe on a safe and little characters holding signs with the 12 computing tips

Take a look at this video of top 12 computing tips for protecting your personal information and UW’s institutional data.

October 30, 2018

Action required to avoid loss of shared UW Google Drive and UW OneDrive for Business files

The following email was sent to UW students, faculty and staff and the UW Medicine employees.

In our ongoing effort to modernize the University’s email, productivity and collaboration services, the next phase of the Email Modernization Program (EMP) will take place on November 27, 2018, and involve the deletion of files stored by former students and employees on UW Google Drive and UW OneDrive for Business.

Please understand that not all files you see in UW Google Drive or in UW OneDrive are owned by you. Many will be shared with you, and appear to be your files, but are actually owned by another individual at the UW. This may require action from you to avoid loss of UW Google Drive and UW OneDrive for Business files that have been shared with you by former students and employees.

The University has a standard practice of deleting files stored on UW Google Drive (part of UW G Suite) and UW OneDrive for Business (part of UW Office 365) once the individual who owns the files has departed the University.

In keeping with this practice, on November 27, 2018, UW Google Drive and UW OneDrive for Business files that were owned or created by individuals no longer at the University — alumni, retirees, former students, former faculty, and former staff — with the exception of Emeriti Faculty and Emeriti Librarians — will be permanently deleted. This includes any content or files they may have shared with current UW students, faculty and staff.

To find out whether you have any shared files that may be deleted and to learn how to preserve them, please refer to instructions below:

IMPORTANT: The deletion of files affects only those UW Google Drive files and UW OneDrive for Business files that were owned or created by someone no longer at the UW. Any shared files you have on other drives/file storage platforms (this includes Google Team Drive, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online) or files owned by current UW students and employees will not be deleted.

Remember, you must take action prior to November 27, 2018 to ensure that you continue to have access to these important files. Once these files have been deleted, they cannot be recovered.

In the future, to ensure you do not lose access to shared files, we recommend you follow the steps referenced above when it is known that a colleague is leaving the University.

Preserving public records

Among the files that have been shared with you may be records that are subject to records retention requirements and should be preserved or deleted according to a legally approved records retention schedule. These records may also be responsive to an audit, public records request or litigation and as such must be maintained until the matter is resolved. It is important to take action before Nov. 27th to preserve these files before your collaborator departs the UW. This management of information in your office or department should be a regular off-boarding task when an individual is preparing to depart the UW.


  • If you need help, please contact:
  • Your department/unit IT support, or
    • The UW-IT Service Center (available 24×7)
    • with “Shared Files” in the subject line
      206-221-5000, option 5

Thank you for your assistance with this important initiative.

UW-IT Email Modernization Program Team

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