August 20, 2020

New contactless UW computer configuration option now available

A new computer configuration option — UW Autopilot — is now available that automates the setup and preconfiguration of Windows 10 computers without the need for an IT professional to manually configure the computer on campus.  

Because the entire solution is cloud-based, UW staff working remotely can more easily set up their computers, ready to use, with security settings, Microsoft 365 Apps, Husky OnNet virtual private network (VPN), and more. This new option is being offered by UW Information Technology as part of our efforts to support remote work.

How does Autopilot work?

Autopilot is triggered on the first boot of enrolled computers that have Windows pre-installed. With UW Autopilot, a Windows 10 computer is automatically configured and ready to use. The computer is hybrid joined to NETID Active Directory (specifically, to a new Autopilot OU) and UW Azure AD, meaning that signing in to the computer will be with UW NetID and password.

Enroll computers for Autopilot

You can order new computers from CDW-G in Ariba and select Autopilot in the ordering process or you can enable existing computers with Autopilot.

If you’re interested in enrolling a device in Autopilot, then setting it up via Autopilot, visit:

  1. How to enroll a device for Autopilot
  2. Autopilot setup experience

Managed support options for Autopilot computers

Computers set up via Autopilot have minimal support, and UW-IT recommends choosing one of these two support options:

  1. UW-IT’s Managed Workstation can manage the computer
  2. Your local IT unit can manage the computer via a delegated OU.


Email with “Autopilot” in the subject line.