Lock down your login with 2FA: Take action for better data security

The following message was sent because the University of Washington will enable two-factor authentication (2FA) by June 15 on your account when signing in with your UW NetID and password on the web. 2FA is the new and required security feature for faculty and is designed to keep your account and our institution more safe.

To strengthen security for personal and institutional data and UW systems, please take advantage of two-factor authentication (2FA) when signing in with your UW NetID and password on the web.

Beginning June 15, 2022 — or sooner if you enable 2FA at a time that’s convenient for you — when you sign in with your UW NetID on the web, you will be prompted to use your 2FA device — typically a smartphone with Duo Mobile — after you enter your UW NetID and password.

Like other colleges and universities that have adopted this security best practice, the UW’s expanded use of 2FA significantly reduces the risk of compromised passwords from phishing and other scams that continually target University employees.

Currently, 2FA is required when you sign in to Workday and GradePage; you may also be using 2FA for other UW systems such as Hyak or eFECS. With 2FA’s additional layer of security, you sign in first with your UW NetID and password, and then use a 2FA device to confirm your identity.

Now you can protect data in more systems using 2FA, such as MyUW, Canvas, Panopto, UW Google, UW Outlook Web App and other web-based services that require UW NetID authentication. Some desktop and mobile apps, including Zoom and Husky OnNet virtual private network (VPN), also rely on UW NetID sign-in via the web.

Enable 2FA on the web now — it’s quick and easy

  1. Go to Identity.UW, sign in with your UW NetID and password, then select the “2FA” tab.
  2. Click “Opt in to use 2FA on the web.”
  3. Click “Confirm.”
  4. Be sure to keep your 2FA device with you after you opt in.

For more information, visit IT Connect’s Opt in to use 2FA on the web.

Reduce the frequency of 2FA prompts on sites you use often

You can easily reduce the number of times you are prompted to sign in with your 2FA device by clicking the remember me option on personal devices or on other non-shared computers that you regularly use.

Thank you for doing your part to help protect your personal and institutional information at the UW.


Andreas Bohman, Vice President for UW-IT and Chief Information Officer
Brad Greer, Associate Vice President for IT Infrastructure
Rebekah Skiver Thompson, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer