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Web Publishing At the UW


Publishing content online is fundamentally different from publishing content in any other medium. Unlike paper publishing, where content is prepared using a select few methodologies and technologies, publishing so-called “hyper-media” spans a huge gamut of technologies and approaches to publishing content.

Focusing this spectrum to precisely what you need is sometimes more difficult than using the technologies that comprise it. Like carpenters with too many tools, Web developers sometimes get lost in what technology to use for any particular purpose. This workshop is designed to point you in the right direction and to give you an overview of the technologies involved in publishing Web content.

We will give an overview of the series, addressing how you can use these tools to get your Web site up and running. We will cover which workshops you should attend before others and the workshops in other series (like our Graphics and Video series for example) that might be useful. We will conclude with some of the fundamentals of Web content management.

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