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Custom Workshops

UW-IT offers a variety of workshops oriented to a variety of audiences. All walk-in workshops are free to current faculty, staff, and students, and time-schedule listed courses are eligible for free custom workshops. Some audiences may be asked to pay for some custom workshops. More details can be found in the table below.

If you have any questions after reviewing this table, please contact us at


 Workshops for professional staff, medical staff, student groups and other parties can be arranged for a fee.


Paid Custom Workshop costs

For paid custom workshops, such as workshops for professional staff, the following fees apply:

Paid with a UW Budget Number Paid with a Major Credit Card *
During normal business/class hours $50 per hour $100 per hour + %15.6*
Outside normal business/class hours $100 per hour $200 per hour + %15.6*


* All payments not made with a UW Budget number count as Non-UW invoices, and will be charged Institutional Overhead (15.6%)

How to arrange a custom workshop

To schedule a customized workshop, send an email message to or call (206) 221-5000 (option 4). Please include the topic, audience, number of attendees, date, time, and location of the workshop in your message.

We ask that you reserve a computer classroom for the custom workshop. The classroom should have a machine for everyone who will be attending, and an instructor computer attached to a projector. If you do not have a computer classroom available in your unit or department, you can request an UW-IT classroom (fees might apply).

We require a minimum of six attendees and about two weeks notice to schedule a workshop.