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Upload data to SQLShare

You can upload tabular data (data organized in rows and columns, such as in an Excel or Google sheet) to SQLShare. Accepted file types are comma-separated (.csv) and plain text (.txt).

Note: We strongly recommend using the Microsoft Edge browser rather than Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft Edge provides superior performance for both logging in and uploading files to SQLShare.

  1. Go to
  2. In the left sidebar, click Upload Dataset.
  3. Drag and drop a .csv or .txt file to the window in SQLShare or click the link to upload a file.
  4. Optional. After uploading, you can rename the dataset and provide a description. If you have many datasets or plan to share them with others, consider creating a naming convention that will keep your work organized. Add descriptions that will convey to others the nature of your data.
  5. Optional. By default, datasets will be public to other SQLShare users, allowing them to run queries on your data. If you want to keep your dataset private, make sure to deselect the Is Public check box above the Save button.
    User interface element: Is public checkbox
  6. Click Save.
    When your dataset is finished uploading, SQLShare sends a notice to your UW or Google email account.