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SQLShare interface

Use this map to orient yourself to the SQLShare interface.

Numbered map with legend describing each area of the user interface


  1. See your uploaded datasets, datasets that have been shared with you, or all public datasets in SQLShare.
  2. Upload a dataset or run a new query.
  3. View recently uploaded public datasets or recently run queries.
  4. Make your dataset public.
  5. Share your dataset with specific people.
  6. Delete your dataset.
  7. Enter a simple language description of your dataset. This is particularly helpful when making public or sharing with others.
  8. Edit an existing query to create a new query.
  9. Create a new dataset by editing the query of an existing dataset.
  10. After editing your query, click Run Query to see new results.
  11. Dataset preview.
  12. Download your query.
  13. Derive: Create a new dataset by selecting data in an existing dataset and join two or more datasets together. 
  14. Snapshot: Runs a query that is pulling data from several places and saves the data. Eliminates the worry that others will change a dataset that you depend upon, and speeds the process of gathering data from multiple sources.