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Find an existing query

A good way to begin learning SQLShare is to copy existing queries and edit for your own purposes. You can search all datasets or only those shared with you. Once you find a relevant dataset, open it to review the associated query. To become more familiar with queries and a few SQL commands, view this sample dataset and its associated queries.

Note: We strongly recommend using the Microsoft Edge browser rather than Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft Edge provides superior performance for both logging in and uploading files to SQLShare.

  1. In SQLShare, click All or Shared.
  2. In the search field, enter a relevant search term, such as a word or phrase that you expect to appear in the data. If SQLShare returns datasets, you can open these to find a relevant query.
    Note: If you see the message No datasets available! Click Clear to erase the search term. (Selecting and deleting the search term will not dismiss it completely.)
  3. From the search results, open a dataset.
  4. Select and copy the query.
    Example query, selected to copy
  5. In the left sidebar, click New Query.
  6. Paste the copied query into the field on the New Query screen.
  7. Edit the query as desired. See examples of edited queries.
  8. Below the query field, click Run Query.
  9. Above the Dataset Preview window, click Save Dataset.