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Poll Creators: Export graded poll responses to the Canvas Gradebook

To run a Gradebook report, polls must have the Grade Incoming Responses check box selected and at least one response marked as Correct.

Poll Everywhere interface showing the Grade Incoming Responses check box selected and one response marked as correct

  1. To create a Gradebook report in Poll Everywhere, in the upper left area, click Reports.
    Reports button
  2. Select Create New Report.
    Create New Report button
  3. From the list, select Gradebook Report.
    Select Gradebook Report
  4. Select a poll or a group of polls for which you wish to run the report.
    Select a poll
  5. Click Finish.
    Once you’ve created the report, you will see the list of students you have imported into Poll Everywhere that are associated with your course.
    The report shows response data for each poll in the report.
    List of students
    To add or remove questions from the report, click Add/Remove.
    Add/Remove button
    To export response data to a .CSV file, use the Download option.
    Download button
  6. To push the scores directly into Canvas as a graded assignment, use the Export to option at the bottom of the page.
    If using the Export to option, select the course from the dropdown list that appears. Only Canvas courses that have been used in the “Add Participant” process will be shown.  You may also choose if you would prefer to use percentages or points.
    percentages or points
    The grades will export to Canvas as a new assignment in the Gradebook and a link to that Canvas Gradebook page will appear.


  • Only students you have imported through Canvas will have scores pushed to the Gradebook.
  • Only valid UW email addresses can be used in conjunction with the Canvas integration.  Please make sure that the default email addresses of your students are set to their UW email address in Canvas, otherwise no grade data for the student will be exported.
  • Non-UW email addresses and any associated response data will be purged from the UW Poll Everywhere account.  This information will no longer be available to users in the UW account.  Poll Everywhere participant accounts and data cannot be merged with another participant account (e.g. a personal account with responses cannot be merged with the student’s UW account).
  • If you have used means other than Canvas to import students, or they enrolled in the course after your import, you will need to re-import them using the steps outlined in Import Students from Canvas to Poll Everywhere.
  • The re-importing process will not affect students already added.
  • You will need to rerun the report after re-importing students.
  • Students re-imported will show up in a new run of the report as long as they were logged into Poll Everywhere when they responded to polls.

If you have issues or questions, contact with Poll Everywhere Gradebook in the subject line.

Last reviewed May 24, 2017