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Panopto Updates Archive

Upgrade your recorder by July 21st, 2017

On July 21, we will require Panopto for Windows, Remote Recorders, and Panopto for Mac to be upgraded to version 5.4 or above.

Important note: This change will also deprecate support for Mac OS X 10.9 and earlier. OS X 10.10, which is still supported, was made available in October 2014 as a free update from Apple. If you are still on OS X 10.9 or earlier you will need to update your operating system to continue to use Panopto for Mac.

When will this change be applied?
Friday, July 21, 2017 at 5:00 pm PDT.

Why are these upgrades required?
Panopto 5.4 includes important bug fixes for Windows, Remote Recorder, and Mac clients. These fixes prevent data loss in certain circumstances.

What will I see after this change has been applied?
If you are using a prior version of the client app, you will be prompted to upgrade when you run Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac. You will need to download and install the latest version of the app.

Panopto for Windows Upgrade Prompt
Panopto for Windows Upgrade Prompt
Panopto for Mac Upgrade Prompt
Panopto for Mac Upgrade Prompt
You will be unable to upload new recordings until you have upgraded.

How should I upgrade my Remote Recorders?
To install the latest version of the Panopto Remote Recorder, see Windows download instructions and Mac download instructions.

Can I start upgrading now?
Yes. By starting the upgrade soon, you’ll be able to complete the process before older versions of the recorder are blocked from connecting on July 21st.

What do I do if I upgraded my recorder, but it reverts back to the old version?
Try deleting your old recorder before upgrading to the new one. We have reported this issue to Panopto.

Contact if you have questions.

Panopto Upgrade

Panopto was upgraded to Panopto 5.4 on June 10. Version 5.4 introduces new live streaming capabilities, an integration with YouTube, a better out-of-box experience, and more. Here’s an overview of the headline features:

  • YouTube Video Integration — From within the video editor, you can now embed YouTube videos directly into your Panopto recordings.
  • New User Guided Tour — When Creators sign in to Panopto for the first time, they’ll be given a visual tour of the most frequently used features.
  • HTML5 Live Streaming — The next time you broadcast an event, your viewers can watch it in any modern web browser without the need for browser add-ons like Flash. In Panopto 5.4, webcasts are streamed using standards-compliant HTML5 video.

For more details about what’s new in Panopto 5.4, check out Panopto’s release notes.

Bug in Panopto for Mac 5.0 to 5.3

With versions 5.0 to 5.3 of the Panopto for Mac client, Panopto discovered that the Logitech C920 and C922 webcams can send audio data in a way that previous versions of the client did not properly handle, resulting in a garbled audio stream.

What is the impact?
Any version of Panopto for Mac between 5.0 and 5.3 may experience audio data loss when recording from Logitech C920 and C922 webcams.

Are users who upgraded to Panopto for Mac 5.3 affected?
Yes. Users must upgrade to 5.3.1. Note that Panopto 5.3.1 does not contain any behavioral changes, and is only a stabilization release.

How do I resolve this issue?
People who create recordings using Panopto for Mac should download and install the current version (5.3.1) of Panopto for Mac. Follow these instructions for more details:

Bug in Panopto for Windows client v. 5.2.1

If you are creating recordings using Panopto for Windows and have not updated your recorder since December 17, 2016, you will need to do so now. To update your recorder, follow these instructions:

Why do I have to update my recorder?

Panopto discovered a bug in the Panopto for Windows client v. 5.2.1 where USB webcams occasionally send corrupted video data, and a fault in error handling can lead to the Panopto application silently crashing.

What is the impact?

Any 5.2.1 version of the Panopto for Windows client may experience a failure in recording with USB webcams. This failure does not trigger an error message or alert.

Are users who upgraded to Panopto for Windows 5.3 affected?

No. Any user with a 5.3 version of the recorder is not affected.


Bug in Panopto for MacOS Sierra v.10.12

We wanted to let you know about a bug in Panopto for Mac. On macOS Sierra (version 10.12), if Keynote Capture is checked, recordings will not successfully upload.

To resolve this issue, install the latest release of Panopto for Mac (v5.3.0), which is now available for download from your Panopto site.


Upgrade your Panopto for Mac recorder now

Due to bugs in the older Panopto for Mac recorders, we are requiring everyone using a Mac recorder to upgrade by Monday, December 19th. (Note: if you have upgraded your Mac recorder after October 27th, 2016, you do not need to upgrade.) For information about how to upgrade, read how to Update your Panopto Recorder to the Latest Version (Mac).


December 17th Release

On December 17, Panopto released an update that introduces in-video quizzing, new editing features, and more.

Key features:

  • Quizzing — Instructors can add multiple choice, multi-select, and true/false questions into any video using the Panopto editor. Viewers can take quizzes in the interactive player, and instructors can access real-time reports of all responses.
  • Captions — Users can access Panopto’s machine-generated speech-to-text captions and modify them in the video editor. In addition, users can customize the color, size, and position of captions during playback.
  • Enhanced Editing — In June, Panopto introduced their HTML5-based video editor. Now, they’re adding the ability to upload custom thumbnails, and to upload and manage slides within the video timeline.

For more details about the features in Panopto 5.3, check out Panopto’s release notes or watch the webinar.


Change to copying a course

11/28/16: When copying a course within Canvas, viewer permissions for the existing Panopto folder will automatically be assigned to students in the new course once the copy is complete. The benefit is that instructors will no longer need to manually grant permissions to existing content when copying a course.


MacOS Sierra (version 10.12) bug

10/27/16: When users hide or minimize Panopto for Mac (version 10.12) during a screen recording on macOS Sierra (version 10.12), Panopto stops recording the screen. To resolve this, download and install the latest version of Panopto for Mac.

Note: This version of Panopto for Mac does not display a live screen preview for macOS Sierra users, but the screen will be recorded. Panopto is working with Apple on a change to restore live screen preview during screen capture recording.


Downloads are off by default

Until recently, Panopto offered only the option to turn RSS feeds and podcasts “on” or “off” for the entire UW. Now we have turned them off by default to prevent unauthorized access. However, you may still change the RSS feeds and podcast setting to “on.” You can also allow viewers to download recordings individually. Learn more about downloads.


Install New Recorder by July 29th

On July 29th at 5:00 PDT, Panopto starting requiring Panopto for Windows and Remote Recorders to be updated to version 5.1 or above. Panopto for Mac now needs to be updated to version 4.9.1 or above. Since we required an upgrade in March, most instructors will already the required version. However, we still encourage you to upgrade Windows recorders to 5.2 which was released at the end of June and has several helpful features.

Why is Panopto requiring upgrades?
Panopto 5.1 includes important bug fixes for Windows and Remote Recorder clients. These fixes prevent data loss in certain circumstances. Panopto 4.9.1 for Mac includes important fixes to support the latest version of Keynote.

What will I see after this change has been applied?
When you run Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac, you will be prompted to update if you haven’t already updated your recorder. Click the button to download and install the latest version of the app. See instructions for details on Windows and Mac. You will be unable to upload new recordings until you have upgraded.

What version of the Windows recorder should I download?
In most cases, the 32-bit version is all you need. The 64-bit version allows for multiple inputs at a high resolution – functionality most instructors don’t use.

Questions? Contact


Panopto release 5.2

On Saturday, June 25, Panopto was upgraded to 5.2. Upgraded features include the following:

  • Personal View — We will give all UW students, faculty, and staff a personal folder called My Folder that acts as a private sandbox for creating and sharing videos. This, combined with a new Shared with Me view, give users one-click access to the videos that matter most to them.
  • Curated Home Page — It will be easier to highlight important videos. Panopto 5.2 includes a new YouTube-like homepage.
  • HTML5 Video Editor — Panopto has rebuilt their editor using industry-standard HTML5. This enables users to trim their videos, edit metadata, change thumbnails, perform secondary camera switching, and more without the need for Silverlight or Flash.

To learn more about these and other new features included in the release, see the release notes and the webinar. Panopto has posted videos about the new editor. Note: You may see some differences in the interface between the video and the released version. Panopto will update the videos in a few weeks.


Panopto releases 5.1

On April 13, 2016, Panopto released an update which includes the ability to rename a session, add a description, or delete a recording immediately after completing a recording in Windows. You can also highlight the mouse cursor during screen recording.

See Panopto 5.1.0 Release Notes for more information.

Install New Recorder by March 23

Because the latest Panopto recorders fix some issues and offer new functionality for both the Mac and Windows, all Panopto creators will be required to download the new versions of the recorders by Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 (prior to the start of spring quarter).

If you use Panopto for Windows and have not upgraded your recorder since December 19th, 2015, please download the newest version. (Note: Panopto released an upgrade on March 9th that fixed issues with capturing computer audio. We strongly encourage you to download this latest version of Panopto for Windows.)

If you use Panopto for Mac and have not upgraded your recorder since February 10th, 2016, please upgrade now.

After March 23rd, Windows users will see the following dialog the next time you launch the recorder. Note: for Mac users, the minimum OS version is now 10.9 (Mavericks).

Dialog box that you will see if you do not install the recorder by March 23, 2016

Until you upgrade to the new recorder, you will be unable to upload new recordings. To upgrade your recorder, click the Download Now button, or follow the instructions below.

To install the new recorder

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. On the right side of the screen, under your name, click Download Panopto.
    image of the Download Panopto user interface text
  3. When you click Download Panopto, you will see the following dialog box:
    To the right of "Panopto" near the top of the screen, click the appropriate button for your operating system (Windows or Mac OS).
    To the right of Panopto, click the appropriate option for your operating system. The installer will download to your system. Open the installer and follow the instructions in the installer wizard.


Panopto released the following functionality on 2/18:

  • Post-recording dialog allow you to easily rename your session, add a description or delete the recording if it was a “bad take”.
  • Option to highlight your mouse cursor while recording your screen.
  • A 64-bit version of Panopto for Windows. You have the choice of downloading the 32-bit or 64-bit version from our downloads page.

Panopto 5.0 release

(posted 2/17/16)

Windows: Last December, Panopto released the following upgrades to their Windows recorders:

  • a more modern interface
  • the ability to record computer audio
  • an easier way to navigate and manage subfolders

Mac: On February 10th, we released a new Mac recorder at the UW. New functionality includes:

  • webcasting
  • recording up to three video sources (cameras or screens)
  • previewing all video sources during recording

Note: You will have an option to change the quality of the capture on a Mac. Before doing so review Panopto’s Considerations for High or Ultra Quality.

People viewing webcasts now have the ability to pause and rewind live Panopto webcasts and continue watching the recording after the presenter has ended it.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to download the new recorders and take advantage of the new functionality. Because this new recorder fixes some issues and offers new functionality, Mac users will need to upgrade by March 23rd, before the start of spring quarter.


In new recordings, RSS feeds and podcasts are enabled by default. One by-product of this is potential access of your course content by UW students not enrolled in your course. You can disable or limit podcast feeds to authenticated users in the folder settings. To do so, hover over a folder, right-click (control-click on a Mac), select Settings, select Settings again, and then make sure that the Enable Podcast Feed checkbox is cleared.

We have requested that Panopto give us the ability to turn off RSS feeds and podcasts by default and will let you know when this has changed.

Scheduler update

Recent changes made by Panopto had the unfortunate side effect of breaking the ability to schedule all recordings. UW Panopto engineers have created a temporary fix. However, this solution is slower than optimum. We have a request in to Panopto to make a permanent fix.

Free Panopto Workshops

Want to learn how to create and manage recordings using Panopto? Take the Panopto Beginning Lecture Capture workshop. Want to learn about the advanced features such as editing and managing recordings? Take the Intermediate Panopto: Editing & Advanced Features workshop.

Find a workshop and register



The recently released Ratings feature, which allowed users to rate recordings, has been disabled.

Panopto 5.0 Webinar

(posted 12/15/15)

The Panopto 5.0 webinar is now available on-demand. If you were unable to attend last week’s sessions, or if you missed any part of the webinars, you can view it by visiting this link.


Keynote is now better supported

(posted 11/4/15; updated 11/25/15)

Panopto has released some updates, and now all versions of Keynote are better supported. Panopto is still addressing an issue with uploading Keynote slides; however, this has only been a problem for one user so far. Please email if you experience any issues using Keynote.


Change in course folder creation


To help Panopto run more efficiently, we have temporarily turned off the auto-creation of course folders in Panopto. Course folders can still be created by using the Panopto Recordings button in the Canvas course site. No existing course folders will be affected.

Panopto is working on a long-term solution, and we will update this page when we start automatically creating Panopto course folders again.


El Capitan is now supported

(posted 10/8/15, updated 10/20/15 and 11/25/15)

Panopto has released an update which fixes the issues people were experiencing with El Capitan. It should be fully supported now. Please email if you have any issues using Panopto with El Capitan.


Personal folders won’t be automatically created

Due to space constraints, we are no longer automatically creating personal folders. If you wish to create a personal folder, contact When Panopto is able to better support this, we will create the folders automatically again.


New sharing options for recordings

In order to create a better experience for all Panopto users, we’re updating the options for sharing recordings. This change will greatly reduce the number of recordings viewers see when they first log in to Panopto. The new sharing options also eliminate the possibility of unintentionally sharing a recording publicly.

Currently, recordings made available for viewing to “Anyone at your organization” or “Public on the Web”, automatically appear in the All Sessions list—the first page users see after logging into Panopto:

first page of Panopto

What Will Change?

You will still be able to share your recordings publicly. What’s changing is where recordings will appear,. New sharing options provide a link to the recording that you can then share via e-mail, on a Web page, or in your Canvas course. The new sharing options will replace the old ones.

Old Sharing Option New Sharing Option
Anyone at your organization Anyone at your organization with the link
Public on the Web Anyone with the link

Most viewers will find your recordings in the same location. However, if your viewers located your recordings by searching on the All-Sessions page, read about these ways to share your recordings.

Last reviewed June 5, 2018