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Manage your recording in the classroom

The touch panels in most classrooms equipped with automated Panopto recorders have controls that allow you to see the status of your current recording and to start, pause, resume, extend and stop your scheduled recording. Learn more about the benefits and features of in-class recording.

Touch panel for in-classroom recorders

  1. Status of the current recording: Name of the current recording and the scheduled start and end times.
  1. Status of the next scheduled recording: Information about the next scheduled recording.
  1. Panopto Remote Recorder functions: You can control the remote Recorder by using these buttons:

Start Recording: You may start a scheduled recording up to five minutes early.
Stop Recording: Recordings that are stopped using the touch panel in the classroom cannot be started again.
Pause Recording
Resume Recording
Extend Recording: You may extend a recording by up to five minutes.

  1. Confirmation message: This message appears if you press the stop button. Once a recording has been stopped, it cannot be restarted.
  1. Recording in session confirmation icon: This icon turns red when a recording is in session and displays the time recorded.


Working with copyrighted content when recording in the classroom

Currently, the touch panels in the classrooms or lecture halls in Kane Hall and Mary Gates Hall with remote-recording capability can detect laptops and tablets that output content which is copyright protected, that is, compliant with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). By design, the Panopto recorder in classrooms will not record protected content. This feature forces a laptop to stop outputting HDCP-compliant content.

You can disable the protection feature: click Yes in the dialog that appears when a laptop or tablet is outputting copyright protected content (see image below). Proceeding in this manner will allow you to record content, but the device will output a lower resolution. (The purpose of the feature is to prevent creation of high-quality recordings of protected content.) Learn about using an adapter to record protected content.

The copyright detection feature will eventually be added to all remote-recording rooms.

Dialog for circumventing the feature to prevent recording of protected content