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Search for Content

The Search function in MyUW searches on heading titles, subtitles, and descriptions.

To find content in MyUW:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Type key words in the search field at the top of the content area. If you want to limit your search to MyUW, make sure that you click the MyUW radio button.
  3. Click Search
    Search for content
  • * Matches zero, one, or more characters. For example, librar* will return results for “library” and “libraries.”
  • ? Matches any one character. For example, UW? Library will return results for “UWB Library” and “UWT Library.”

The results page displays items that you are subscribed to and those that you are not. The subscribed items are followed by a It’s on the … Tab link. Click this link to go to the MyUW tab that contains the item.

Items that you are not yet subscribed to are followed by an Add it onto the … Page link. Click this link to add the item you need.