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Register for Courses

What services are available?

  • The Time Schedule lists course offerings by quarter (for each college, by department). Learn more about how to use the Time Schedule
  • The Registration Deadlines lists the registration periods (date and time) for specific groups of students to register for particular courses. Learn more about when to register
  • The Registration link is for registering your courses. Learn more about how to register
  • If you know which courses you want to take, the Schedule Finder can help you choose the right sections of each class so that they don’t overlap. Learn more about how to use the Schedule Finder
  • The Search General Education Course tool finds all open courses that meet your General Education Requirements. Use the General Education Requirement Course Search tool
  • The Course Evaluation Catalog provides the student ratings for the instructors of a course you are planning to take.
  • The Self Service Enrollment Verification service lets you verify the enrollment information on file with the National Student Clearinghouse and print a certificate of enrollment.

Where do I find them?

The Time Schedule and Registration boxes appear in the left column of the Academics page. They are specific to your campus. If your Academics page does not have them, click Add Content to add the ones you need.
Screen shot of Seattle Undergraduate Resources on the Academics Page

On MyFrontPage, in the Quick Links box, click Registration. The registration deadline appears under Important Dates and Deadlines in the Class Schedule box.

Additional Information