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Coming Summer 2017: A New MyUW for Instructors & Staff

MyUW has been a pillar of university web resources since its initial launch in 2000. Whether you just log in to use the quick links to your email or Canvas, or use MyClass resources daily when teaching a course, MyUW is an important part of many employees’ and instructors’ work routine.

However, the old MyUW just doesn’t fit they way we use web resources anymore. Instead of collecting bookmarks, we search. Instead of wading through information, we expect web sites to show us useful and relevant information based on our past habits. Reluctant as we are to say goodbye, the time has come to revolutionize MyUW.

The new MyUW will provide a streamlined user experience that reduces information overload.  It will present personal, timely, and relevant information to support your work.

image of coming release of new MyUW home page

To better support the quarterly workflow of preparing and leading a course, the new MyUW will provide an upgraded Teaching page. MyUW will closely integrate with other teaching and learning tools and the registrar’s systems, to make use of these tools more efficient.

Students have had a modern, mobile version of MyUW since 2013, and a fully-responsive desktop version since 2015. This summer, instructors and employees will get the good stuff, too!  Get ready to opt-in and experience the new MyUW this summer.