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Create Personal Links

To add personal links:

You can make MyUW pages more useful by adding links to content you use frequently, such as your class website. Before you add a link, you must first add a custom box, which will contain the link.

  1. StepsActions
  2. To add a custom box, click Add Content. If you are on the “Bookmarks” page, click Add Custom Box.
  3. In the Name a New Custom Box input field, type your title, and then click Add. A confirmation message will show up. And the title of the new box will appear on the left.Image of new custom box
  4. To add links to the new custom box, click the title. Then click the Edit button on the box.


  • The Web address of the link can be 200 characters or fewer. The name of the link can be 50 characters or fewer.
  • A valid Web address must start with http:// or https://, followed by a server name (for example myuw, in the Web address http://www.. A valid name can start with a letter or a number.
  • If the Web address contains any non-ASCII character (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), MyUW will filter it out. ASCII characters include: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and any of the following-, ., _, ~, :, /, ?, #, [, ], @, !, $, &, ‘, (, ), *, +, ,, ;, and =.
  • Your links will be displayed in alphabetical order (case sensitive). If you would like them to appear in a specific order, try adding a number in front of each name.
  • When you have reached the maximum number of custom boxes, MyUW will notify you with a message. Before you can add a new box, you must remove an old one.