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Course Dashboard: Insights That Support Remote Teaching

Teaching online has created unforeseen challenges for instructors. Even with the abundance of online tools, it’s more challenging to keep students engaged and to help them succeed in the course. Fewer in-person interactions with students makes it difficult for instructors to get to know them and learn about their needs and interests — information that helps instructors to improve the learning experience.

Course dashboard displays aggregated data from the courses instructors are currently teaching, as well as data from previous offerings of the same course. Course Dashboard has been supporting instructors on all three campuses for several years. In the era of remote teaching and learning, Course Dashboard addresses the gap left by the absence of in-person connections.

Student engagement & experience

Keeping students engaged is particularly challenging with online learning. How can instructors enrich their teaching material to keep students interested and engaged? How can instructors improve the student experience with a move to online learning? Course Dashboard gives instructors a view into the distribution of majors and the courses students are taking concurrently, helping instructors make connections between student interests and the course subject matter.

Learn about your students before the course begins

Being prepared to teach a course before the quarter begins is crucial to having a successful experience. This is particularly true when teaching a course for the first time, even more so when teaching remotely. It may help instructors to know, for instance, how challenging the course has been for students in the past. By providing data such as the median final grade of past offerings and the percent of students who have failed, as well as the average final grade of the most common courses students are taking concurrently, which sheds light on how challenging their students’ course load is. Such data provides insight that can help instructors prepare for success.

Improve student success

With the move to online learning, concern about student success has grown. The Course Dashboard allows instructors to compare the average GPA of their current course with past offerings to determine how much time they should spend on the most challenging topics and plan for extra support if necessary.

New feature: Problematic course mixes

Based on the concurrent course distribution list, the registration data for a given course, and the average course grade of each course a student is concurrently taking, Course Dashboard can surface the potential situation of a “toxic course mix” — a combination of courses that pose an extreme challenge and set students up for possible failure in one or more of those courses. This information will give instructors an “early warning system” and the opportunity to work with students to make different choices to achieve their goals.

Course Dashboard is available for all instructors of record on all three campuses for the courses they are currently teaching.

Access Course Dashboard

Instructors can access Course Dashboard at

Or via the MyUW Teaching Page:


Last reviewed September 25, 2020