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MyUW’s Course Dashboard

A new feature of MyUW — Course Dashboard — displays aggregated data from the courses instructors are currently teaching, as well as data from previous offerings of the same course. Course Dashboard supports instructors in the following ways.

Preparation for the quarter

Instructors can compare the incoming median cumulative GPA of their current course with past offerings to determine how much time they should spend on the most challenging topics and plan for extra support if necessary.

Improving the classroom experience

Instructors can view the distribution of majors and the courses students are taking concurrently, helping an instructor make connections between students’ interests and the course’s subject matter.

Assessing the effectiveness of teaching practices

By providing historical data such as the median final course grade and the percent of students who have failed the course, as well as comparative data, such as the median cumulative GPA of current students versus past, the dashboard help instructors assess pedagogical or curricular tweaks they’ve made.

Teaching a course for the first time

There is an assortment of unknowns for instructors who are teaching a course for the first time, for instance: “how challenging has this course been for students in the past?” By providing data like the median final grade of past offerings and the percent of students who have failed, the dashboard provides insights into this and other questions.

Course Dashboard is available for all instructors of record on all three campuses for the courses they are currently teaching.

How to access Course Dashboard

You can access Course Dashboard on MyUW’s Teaching Page