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Check My Class Schedule

What services are available?

  • The Class Schedule lists your courses for the current quarter. To see a detailed description of a course section, click the links in the SLN column. To see a campus map that highlights the location of your class, click the link under Location. To see a class web site and any library materials that have been reserved for the class, click the link under More Information.
  • The Display Textbooks tool lists all the required and optional textbooks for your courses.
  • The Display Visual Schedule tool shows your course sections in a calendar week view.
  • The Display Final Exam Schedule tool shows the dates, times, and locations of the final exams particular to your course sections.

Where do I find them?

Links to these services appear on MyFrontPage in the Class Schedule box. If your page does not have the Class Schedule box, click Add Content to add it.
Screen shot of Sample Class Schedule