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Import Plan

Import your plan from a social media account

If you are accepted to the University of Washington, you can import your plan from a social media account to your UW NetID-associated MyPlan account.

After logging into MyPlan with your UW NetID, click on your UW NetID in the top-right corner to access your Account settings. Select ‘Start the import process’ to import your plan from another social account.

MyPlan account settings - import plan

MyPlan account settings – import plan

Select the type of social media account from which you’d like to import your plan. In this case, we are importing from a Google account.

MyPlan - import plan from social account

Import plan from a social account (Google or Facebook)

You will be prompted to enter your email address and password. The UW does not collect this information — it is only used for importing your previously established plan.

MyPlan - confirm plan import

Confirm plan import

After you log in, you will see a confirmation page. Make sure you are importing from the correct social media account, then select the import button.

If the import is successful, you will see a blue dialogue box that confirms your plan items were imported.  Any imported items will display normally in the respective quarter on your plan.

Last reviewed November 25, 2020