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Classroom Response Systems


Classroom response systems (CRS) are used within a class to collect student questions and answers to polls and quizzes. The instructor can use this information to determine student understanding, lead discussions, and so on. A number of systems are in use at UW. UW-IT primarily supports Poll Everywhere, a BYOD CRS, but we are happy to provide best effort troubleshooting help for any system. To determine which solution is best for your particular use, review the feature comparison below.

Please note: We anticipate that there will NOT be Canvas integration for Turning Technologies clicker registration during winter 2017 due to alterations in the offering from the vendor. UW-IT does not support TurningPoint Cloud at this time. Please contact Learning Technologies ( or 206-221-5000) to discuss your options.

Feature comparison: Poll Everywhere and Turning Technologies 5.4


Turning Technologies Clickers (legacy info.)

Poll Everywhere (BYOD)

Multiple choice & true/false questions Yes Yes
Text entry response No Yes
Clickable image questions No Yes* (Not available via SMS Texting responses)
Response via SMS texting No Yes* (multiple choice and text entry only)
Anonymous polling Yes Yes
PowerPoint integration Yes Yes
Standalone polling (No PowerPoint) Yes Yes
Student must be in room to use Yes No
Graded responses with assignable score values Yes Yes
Canvas integration Not available at this time Yes
Asynchronous surveys/self-paced responses No Yes
Communicate w/ participant No No


Windows and Mac compatible Yes Yes
Personal device required: standard phone*, smartphone/tablet (iOS & Android), laptop No (requires purchase of a clicker) Yes (WiFi/cellular data or *text message plan required.)
End-user cost Students:
Must purchase a clicker (new or used). A subscription to TurningPoint Cloud IS NOT REQUIRED OR SUPPORTED at this time.
Faculty: no cost
No cost


Student enrollment Student registration within Canvas is not available at this time. This page will be updated once this feature has been enabled. Students are automatically enrolled through Single Sign On.  Instructors assign students to courses via Canvas integration.
Grading Integration with the Canvas Gradebook is not available at this time. This page will be updated once this feature has been enabled. Integration with Canvas Gradebook.


Requires software installation Presentation software for instructors. Presentation software for Instructors. Mobile app recommended for mobile device users.

General FAQ

Why is UW-IT adding a new classroom response system?

Survey data from UW students, backed by a resolution from ASUW, indicates that students strongly prefer using personal mobile devices or laptops rather than clickers for in-class audience response activities.

Why did UW-IT choose Poll Everywhere?

UW-IT partnered with UW faculty and technologists to evaluate several options and selected Poll Everywhere for a pilot. After a successful pilot and in consultation with the Faculty Council on Teaching and Learning and the UW-IT’s Provost-chartered Teaching and Learning Technology Oversight Committee, UW-IT chose to offer Poll Everywhere to UW faculty and students.

Is UW-IT still supporting Turning Technologies?

Due to alterations in the offering from the vendor, we do not anticipate Canvas integration for TurningPoint Clickers in winter quarter 2017. UW-IT will continue to provide “best effort” support and troubleshooting for TurningPoint clickers and TurningPoint version 5.4 for faculty who choose to utilize that service. TurningPoint Cloud is not currently available at the University of Washington.

Which system should I use?

Your choice of tool depends on your particular needs and teaching context. See the feature comparison matrix above to determine which system is best suited to your needs. A number of Classroom Response Systems are in use at UW. UW-IT primarily supports Poll Everywhere, a BYOD CRS, but we are happy to provide best effort troubleshooting help for any system.

Will I be able to use Poll Everywhere with my Canvas course?

Poll Everywhere supports basic integration features such as importing students from Canvas into Poll Everywhere and exporting grades from Poll Everywhere to Canvas.

How do I get started with Poll Everywhere?

If you have any questions about or would like access to the UW Poll Everywhere account, please email with “Poll Everywhere” in the subject line. To get started with Poll Everywhere, go to and log in with your email address.

Note: UW-IT online documentation for Poll Everywhere is in progress and will be published in this space soon.