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Edit a Group

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and GradeBook–have been retired. View timeline and details.

To create a new group from your Catalyst account page, follow the steps below.

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  2. Log in to your Catalyst Tools page.
  3. On the Catalyst tools account page, click the Your Groups tab at the top of the page. You will move to the tab.
  4. Select the group you want to edit from the list of your groups in the left pane. The details about the selected group will appear in the right pane.

    Tip: You can sort your groups alphabetically by the group name or chronologically by date created to help you find what you are looking for.

  5. To edit the title or description of the group, hover your mouse and click the highlighted area. The item will become editable. Changes will be saved automatically.
  6. To add new members to the group, click Add Members. The member search field will open. Add the desired group members one at a time by typing the name, UW NetID, or ProtectNetwork ID of each user you want to add to the group. As you type, the tool will search for people who match what you have entered. Select the correct person from the list by clicking on the name or pressing the Enter key when the person is highlighted. The name will appear in the list below.

    Tip: Add multiple group members at once by clicking “add multiple people” and entering UW NetIDs, Google IDs, or UW and UW Google email addresses one per line or separated by commas.

  7. To remove members from a group, hover over the name of the person you want to remove and click the red X on the right.

    Note: There is no undo when removing members from groups. All changes are saved automatically.