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Using UW Groups

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and Gradebook–will be retired. View timeline and details.


You can provide participant or collaborator access in Catalyst Web Tools using a UW Group.

To use a UW Group in your tools, you must first find the group ID, and then add it to your Catalyst tools through the group chooser. Once added, the UW Group will appear in the group chooser until you remove it.

Adding UW Groups to Catalyst tools

To add UW Groups to your Catalyst tools, follow the steps below:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Log in to your Catalyst Web Tools account.
  3. On the Catalyst Web Tools account page, find the tool to which you want to grant access. Select Manage from the “Actions” drop-down menu. You will move to the “Manage” page of the tool.
  4. Decide whether you want to provide participant or administrator access, and click Edit under the relevant header. You will move to a new page.
  5. Select Members of groups and/or class lists. The group chooser will appear.
  6. Click the UW Groups filter button in the group chooser.
  7. Click Add a UW Group to this list. A popup will appear requesting you to enter a UW Group ID.
  8. Enter the UW Group ID in the space provided and click Save.
  9. The UW Group name will appear in the group chooser list and be automatically highlighted.

    Tip: After adding a UW Group to the Group Chooser tool, it will be available to select for any of your Catalyst Web Tools. UW Groups will not appear, however, in the “Your Groups” tab on your Catalyst home page.

  10. Click Save to finish granting the new group access to the tool. Or click Cancel to leave this page without saving your changes.

    Tip: Even if you click Cancel on this page and do not grant the new group access to this tool at this time, the group has been added to your group chooser and can be used later in this or other tools.

About Viewing Group Members in Catalyst Web Tools

UW Groups can have restrictions that control whether you can view the list of members. You can attach any group to a Catalyst tool, whether or not you can see the list of members; however, the Catalyst Web Tools will change behavior in order to respect those restrictions. Even if only one attached UW group has restrictions on viewing members, the tools will hide group membership as described in the table below.

Tool Change in behavior when restricted group added
Collect It Only participants who have submitted an assignment will be shown in the submissions table. You will not be able to filter the submissions table.
CommonView Members of restricted groups will not have their group name listed on the administrator’s Participant Access page.

Participants who do not have access to view the UW Group membership will not be allowed to see the Members List.

GoPost Only participants who have posted will be shown in the members list.
ShareSpaces Only participants who have uploaded a file will be shown in the members list.

The tools will restrict display of membership based on who is logged in. Your collaborators, if they have different permission levels on the UW Group, may have a different experience in the tools.