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About Your Groups

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and Gradebook–will be retired. View timeline and details.


Create groups of people or select class lists to provide access to your Catalyst tools or collaborate with others.

Your Groups

Easily create a group

Create a group to provide access from the Your Groups tab, or on the fly while working within a tool.

Add members by name

Enter name or UW NetID to quickly find the correct people to add to your group.

Easily provide access for classes

Simply select the class you are teaching to provide access to tools for class members; class lists update hourly with current information from the registrar.

Collaborate with others

Use a group to provide colleagues and collaborators access to your Catalyst tools, such as a discussion board or workspace.

View group details

Quickly view the membership, student photos, and tools using a group, right from the Your Groups tab.

Work smarter

Groups created in Your Groups can be re-used with any of the Catalyst tools, so you don’t have to recreate a group for each specific tool.

Group Manager Resources

Your Groups Help Center

How-to documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are class lists be updated automatically?

Yes, class lists are updated every hour from Student Information Systems, so students who register will have access to tools almost immediately.

Can I give my assistant or colleague access to my Catalyst tools?

Each Catalyst Tool supports collaboration in specific ways. For example, you can give others access to files using ShareSpaces, give a colleague access to data collected with a WebQ survey, or allow another person to edit your Web site with SimpleSite.

Can non-UW people access my tools?

Yes, to facilitate collaboration and communication with individuals not affiliated with the UW, our login system allows people to access Catalyst tools with a Sponsored UW NetID or a free Google Mail (Gmail) ID. Learn more.