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About Using Groups

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and GradeBook–have been retired. View timeline and details.

You can use groups to provide secure access to Catalyst tools for your colleagues and participants.

What is a Group?

A group consists of a list of the IDs of desired members. The IDs can either be UW NetIDs and/or Google IDs (for people from outside the UW). For example, you can create a group with a designated set of colleagues from the UW and other institutions, and give them access to a ShareSpace for sharing files securely, give your teaching assistants permission to moderate your GoPost discussion board, or use a group to ensure that only your desired research subjects can access your WebQ survey.

Where Are My Class Lists?

To give class lists access to tools, simply navigate to the tool you want the class to have access to, and select the class list from within the individual tool. The list will update automatically to ensure that the correct list of students can access your course resources. See the individual tool help pages for more information.

Using the Your Groups Tab

Your Groups

To manage groups, log in to your Catalyst Tools account and click the Your Groups tab. You will move to the tab. You can view a list of all your groups in the left pane, and sort the list by name or by date. Click any group to bring up its details in the right pane, where you can also edit the title and description, add or remove members, and delete the group. Create new groups by clicking Create Group in the top left.

Using Groups Within Catalyst Tools

You can access all your groups and class lists from within any Catalyst tool. Members of Groups:Class Lists

By default, Group Chooser initially displays the selected groups or class lists that have access to the tool. Your other groups are accessed by clicking Select groups & class lists at the top right of the groups chooser. This displays a list of all your groups and all the class lists to which you have access.

You have access to class lists within the Catalyst Web Tools if you are an instructor of record or grading delegate.

By default, you will see the name of each group or class list. For groups, this is the name you gave it. For class lists, this is the official name that the Registrar’s office uses for the section, such as BIOL 201 AB Spring 2010. You will also see a count of current group  Specific Groupsmembership or students currently registered.

To see more details about a group or class list, click Details. A pop-in will appear that includes the complete list of all members of the group, as well as a list of the Catalyst tools the group members can access.