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View Summary, Responses and/or Feedback

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Tip: You must set security on your survey or quiz before you can change the participant experience settings. The available settings depend on which security option you choose.

This setting allows you to choose what information, if any, you want to show to participants after they complete the survey or quiz. If you select this option and any of the specific options listed below it, immediately after completing a quiz or survey participants will be shown questions and responses, their scored quiz, feedback, correct answers, and total score (if selected). Participants can also return to the survey or quiz URL to view this information again, or view the survey or quiz statistics (if selected). You can choose to display the summary information while the survey or quiz is published, or for a selected period of time after the date your survey is made available or unavailable.

  1. From the “Summary” page, click Participant experience. You will move to the “Edit Participant Experience” page.
  2. Under the heading “After the survey/quiz” select Allow participants who have taken the survey/quiz to view a summary.
  3. Select the information you would like displayed on the summary:- Questions and responses- Scored quiz

    – Feedback

    – Correct answers

    – Total score

    – Statistics

  4. Select when you want to display the summary:-While the quiz or survey is available-For a period of time after the unavailable date
  5. Click Save to return to the “Summary” page.