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Track Survey Participation

Service notice: Catalyst WebQ Survey has been retired effective June 16, 2022

WebQ can track survey participation, showing you who has (and who has not) viewed or submitted the survey and the date and time of submission.

WebQ tracking also provides visualizations of survey participation in a pie chart and a line graph.

The pie chart shows:

  • survey population: the number of people to whom you sent the survey
  • percentage of submitted, viewed, and not viewed surveys
  • the number of people who responded
  • abandon rate: the percentage of people who viewed, but did not submit, the survey
  • overall percentage of responses
  • average time spent completing the survey
    : If the survey allows multiple submissions, the pie chart represents participants, not submissions. 
The graph shows the number of submissions over time, starting with the date that the survey was published. If the survey is still open, submission data is shown through the present date. You can view submissions over time, by days, months, or years. You can also select specific dates to view submissions over a custom date range.

Anonymous and Unrestricted Surveys
  • If the survey is anonymous, participant names, response rate, average time spent, and submission date are not available.
  • If the survey is unrestricted (allowing anyone to take the survey, and anyone with a UW NetID), survey population and response rate are not available.
Filtering Survey Views
You can filter tracking results to view:

  • a subset of the survey period
  • a subset of the survey group
  • survey status (submitted, viewed, not viewed)
  • Notes:

    • If the survey is open to anyone and anyone with a UW NetID, not viewed status is unavailable.
    • To see survey status filter options, in the Participant List, at the top of the middle column, click Survey Status.