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Take the Survey More Than Once

Service notice: Catalyst WebQ Survey has been retired effective June 16, 2022

Tip: You must set security on your survey before you can change the participant experience settings. The available settings depend on which security option you choose.

After participants submit their survey, they are shown the confirmation page. By default, this page displays an encoded confirmation number, and the text “Please print this page for your records.”

You can choose whether or not to display the confirmation number, and can customize the text using a text editor.

Follow the steps below to customize the confirmation page:

  1. StepsActions
  2. From the “Summary” page, click Participant experience. You will move to the “Edit Participant Experience” page.
  3. Under the heading “During the survey” you can choose to display a confirmation code by selecting Display a confirmation code.
  4. To customize the text on the confirmation page, select Display content, and then use the text editor to enter and format your content.
  5. Click Save to save your changes and return to the “Summary” page.