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Copy a Survey to Another Account

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and GradeBook–have been retired. View timeline and details.

To facilitate collaborative work, WebQ allows you to copy a survey from your account into another UW NetID account. You can select which content and settings (such as email list and appearance settings) are copied with the survey.

Note: Survey results are not copied to the other account. The new owner has complete control over the survey copy in their own account. Survey copies will not be published, regardless of their current availability, in the original account.

Follow these steps to copy a survey to another UW NetID account:

  1. StepsActions
  2. On the Catalyst tools account page, click the name of the survey you wish to copy to another account. You will move to the Summary page.
  3. Under the “About this Survey” section on the Summary page, click Copy to another account. You will move to the “Copy to Another Account” page.
  4. Enter the UW NetID of the account to which you would like to copy your survey, and click Next.

    Note: In order to receive a copy of the survey, the receiving UW NetID account must already have a Catalyst account. If you do not know if the receiving account has a Catalyst account, just attempt to copy the survey, and WebQ will inform you if the survey cannot be copied. If this is the case, you can have WebQ send an email to the owner of that UW NetID account asking them to create a Catalyst account. Although WebQ will send the message for you, you can customize the content of the message.

    Step-by-step instructions for creating a Catalyst account will be added to the bottom of the message for you.

  5. The next page allows you to choose which of your survey settings will be included in the new copy. The following are selected by default, deselect the checkbox to have that setting excluded from the copy.
    • Questions: Copies all survey content, such as questions and general content.
    • Security: Copies security settings and associated information, including custom ID tables and lists of specific email addresses. Note: Groups cannot be copied to other accounts. Recipients will need to create and attach a group in their own account.
    • Skip logic: Copes the skip logic of your question build.
    • Announcement settings and message: Copies the text of the announcements message.
    • Reminder settings and message: Copies the text of reminder messages, as well as the frequency and starting dates for reminders.
    • Participant experience: Copies the survey’s participant experience settings, such as time limits and options to take the survey more than once.
    • Survey appearance: Copies the survey’s custom appearance settings, such as title, subtitle, and custom numbering schemes.
    • Contact name and email: Copies the custom contact information specified for this survey.
    • Results notification: Copies the results notification settings for how often email will be sent to the survey owner if there are submissions.
  6. Once you have chosen what content and settings you would like included in the copy, click Next. If at any time you change your mind about copying the survey, click Cancel.

An e-mail will be sent to the recipient stating they have received a new WebQ survey, and how to access the survey. The next time the recipient logs in to the Catalyst Web Tools, the copied survey will appear on their “Your Tools” tab.