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Add and Work With Questions or Content

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The “Build Survey” or “Build Quiz” page is the primary workspace for creating the content of your survey or quiz. On the “Build” page, you can add questions or general content to your survey. As you add questions, the build page will show you an overview of the content of your survey. You can then easily edit, copy, preview, or delete questions. You can also rearrange questions, and create custom labels and numbers for your questions. If you are creating a quiz, you can assign points for questions, and calculate the total points for your quiz.

While the “Build” page views do not show you what the survey looks like when published, you can click Preview to see the published view of each question or page. You can also click Appearance to change the appearance of your published survey or quiz, and then return to continue building it. Read more about editing the appearance of a quiz or survey.

Add Questions to Your Quiz or Survey

To add questions to your quiz or survey, select the correct question type from the “Add item” drop-down menu, choose the correct position for the question, and click Add.

Follow these links for more information on adding each question type:

Work With Questions or Content on the “Build” Page

To view full question text and answers on the build screen, click Details Show details, which is located at the top right of the question panel. To shorten the question panel and view only the first part of question text, click Details Hide details.

Tip: You must view the question panel details in order to edit custom labels.

You can preview, edit, copy, add logic, move, or delete existing questions on your survey or quiz by using the tools on the question toolbar (the top row of each question).

Follow these steps to work with your questions:

Preview: Click Preview to view your question as it will appear to participant on the published survey.

Edit: Click edit  to change the question text, answer choices, or quiz options for a question. You will move to the “Edit question” page that you used initially to create the question. You can also edit a question if you want to change the question type.

Copy: ClickCopy to make an exact copy a question. The copy will appear immediately under the original question on the “Build” page.

Logic: Click Logic  to add skip logic (branching) to a question.

Move: Use the move function to rearrange the order of questions or content on your survey or quiz. ClickMove to go to the reorder questions page. Here you can click and drag content and questions up or down among other questions or content in the survey or quiz.

Delete: Click Delete to delete a question, then click OK to confirm that you want to delete it.

To require that a question be answered before your participant can submit their responses, select the “Required” option located just under the question toolbar.

About Changing Questions After Distributing Quiz/Survey

Note: If you change a question after participants have responded to it, even a small change such as fixing a typo, another version of the question will be created and shown in the results. If a participant did not respond to that version of the question, “question not available to participant” will be shown in the results.

For example, a survey includes a short response question that asks “What is your name,” and 3 participants responded. Then, the question changes the to read “What is your first name?” and another 3 participants respond. The table below illustrates how results would appear with both versions of the question:

Participant / ID# What is your name? What is your first name?
97 Carol Jones question not available to participant
98 Denise question not available to participant
99 Kevin Johnson question not available to participant
100 question not available to participant Larry
101 question not available to participant Victoria
102 question not available to participant Robert

Results are also affected by adding or deleting a question after participants have taken the survey. If you add a question, “question not available to participant” will be shown in the results for participants who took the survey or quiz before the question was added.
If you delete a question, “question not available to participant” will be shown in the results for participants who took the survey or quiz after the question was removed.

Changes that trigger a new version of the question are as follows:

  • Changing the question text, even to correct a typographical error.
  • Adding or deleting an answer choice or a write-in answer.
  • Reordering answer choices.
  • Making an optional question required, and vice versa.
  • Changing any question settings.
  • Adding or removing the “Select One” option from a “Multiple choice – one answer (menu)” question.