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About WebQ

Service notice: Catalyst WebQ Survey has been retired effective June 16, 2022

Whether you are gathering data for your research study or assessing students’ understanding, WebQ provides a quick and reliable way to build and administer online surveys.

 Choose from a variety of question formats

Create a wide variety of questions on your survey, such as multiple choice, long text response, or matrix questions, etc.

Include images or multimedia

Enhance your survey by adding images or other media to your questions.

Do it all for free

Just log in with your UW NetID and you are ready to go.

Secure your survey or quiz

Control access and distribute your survey by selecting one of six security settings. Send email announcements to survey or quiz participants through WebQ.

WebQ for teaching

  • Assess students’ understanding
  • Get feedback throughout the quarter
  • Track student progress
  • Poll students about class topics

WebQ for research

  • Submit your Human Subjects Division applications more easily; WebQ has already been approved by them
  • Create anonymous or confidential surveys
  • Import survey data into Excel or SPSS
  • Let your participants benefit from the convenience of online surveys
  • Work easily with colleagues or collaborators

Frequently Asked Questions

How will respondents find my survey?

You can either send an email to prospective respondents that contains a link to the survey, or create a link to your survey on a Web page.

How long will my data be stored?

Indefinitely, or until you delete it.