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About Quizzes

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and Gradebook–will be retired. View timeline and details.


When you create a WebQ quiz, you can select a correct answer for multiple choice and matrix questions, and assign point values for all questions on a quiz. WebQ will automatically score participant responses to multiple choice and matrix questions. You can manually grade short and long responses, and write-in responses. You can also override the automatic scores assigned by WebQ, if necessary. The score you enter as an override will be included in the participant’s total score for the quiz.

When you have short and long responses that do not yet have a score, WebQ will display several messages:

  • On the Home page, a grading will appear to the right of the number in the “Submissions” column.
  • On the “View Results” page, a “needs grading” link appears
    to the right of the number of submissions in the message bar at the top.

To begin grading, click the grading or needs grading, and you will move to the “Grade by Question” page. Learn more about grading by question.