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Working With People Without a UW NetID

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and GradeBook–have been retired. View timeline and details.

Those outside the UW community can access many of the Catalyst Web Tools in one of two ways:

  • Sponsored UW NetID – Any current UW faculty or staff member can sponsor individuals for a UW NetID using the online self-service Sponsored UW NetID tool. Once sponsored, the individual becomes eligible to set up a new Personal UW NetID.
  • Google account (Gmail) ID – Individuals can access Catalyst Web Tools using their own Google account ID and password.

See below for more information about these options:

Sponsored UW NetIDs

Individuals who are not otherwise eligible for a UW NetID may be sponsored by a current UW faculty or staff member. There are three methods for obtaining a Sponsored UW NetID. Each method has an assurance level established that will determine if a sponsored individual is eligible to access confidential data. An individual receives a UW NetID, password, and email forwarding upon completion of the sponsored process. Departments may also assign additional computing services for a monthly fee to anyone who has a UW NetID. Get more information about obtaining a sponsored UW NetID.

Google Account IDs

Individuals who do not have a UW NetID can use a Google Account ID and password to access Catalyst Web Tools. Google accounts can be created quickly and for free. Note that the Google account is different from the account that some individuals use for accessing UW Google Apps. A Google account ID is; the UW Google Apps account is Get more information about creating a new Google Account.

What Do These Alternate IDs Allow?

All of the Catalyst Web Tools—namely Collect It, GoPost, GradeBook, Group Manager, QuickPoll, ShareSpaces, UMail, and WebQ—are accessible with any of these alternate IDs. Users of sponsored UW NetIDs can create tools, and can be granted access as either a participant or a collaborator in your tools. Gmail IDs can only be granted access as either a participant or a collaborator in your tools. For example, your co-instructor from another university can comment on student papers in a Collect It dropbox; your research colleagues can collaborate on documents using ShareSpaces or download survey results from WebQ; or your guest lecturer can read and respond to student questions on a GoPost discussion board.