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Work on the Starred Tab

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and GradeBook–have been retired. View timeline and details.

Starring tools allows you to quickly and easily access the tools you work with often. Tools that you have designated as Starred will be displayed on the “Starred” tab.
Starred tab

Quickly drag and drop the tools to organize them any way you wish. Click the header bar of any tool or workspace to drag; release the tool or workspace anywhere you want it.

Use workspaces as containers to group tools that belong together. Tools that are attached to workspaces will appear under the workspace, and will move with the workspace when it is dragged and dropped, or when it is unstarred or removed from your account page.

You can unstar tools to remove them from the Starred tab or remove tools completely from your account page. Tools that you remove can be restored at a later date, and you can access and work with them at any time.

If you are an owner or administrator on tools or workspaces, you will be able to take action on them. Follow these links to learn more about taking action on tools:

Follow these links to view step-by-step instructions for working with tools on the “Starred” tab: