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Options for Accessing Catalyst Web Tools When You Do Not Have a UW NetID

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and GradeBook–have been retired. View timeline and details.

Those outside the UW community who need to access the Catalyst Web Tools have two options:

  • Sponsored UW NetID – Ask your UW colleague to sponsor you for a UW NetID. He or she can use the online self-service Sponsored UW NetID tool. Once sponsored, you can set up a new Personal UW NetID.
  • Google account (Gmail) ID – Individuals can access Catalyst Web Tools using their own Google account ID and password. Get more information about creating a new Google Account.

When you have your UW Net ID or Google ID, contact the owner of the Catalyst tool and ask that he or she give the ID access to the tool.

For more information about these options, see Working With People Without a UW NetID.