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About the Catalyst Web Tools Page

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and GradeBook–have been retired. View timeline and details.


Whether you need to create new tools or work in existing tools, the Catalyst Tools account page is your launch pad. From here, you can easily arrange, filter, and sort your tools, and you’re just one click away from creating, editing, previewing, deleting, copying, and opening or closing your tools.

Your Tools and Starred Tabs

On the top left of your page, you will see two tabs: “Your Tools” and “Starred.” On the “Your Tools” tab, you can find all tools in your account. Use the filters or sort the columns to quickly find the tool that you are looking for.

The “Starred” tab displays only the tools you designate as “starred”. On the Starred tab, you can quickly drag and drop your tools to organize them any way you wish.

Actions Menu

On either tab, owners and collaborators can take actions on a tool by using the “Actions” drop-down menu. Administrators have many options, such as open, close, preview, copy, get URL, and more. The specific actions available will depend on your role on the tool.

Graphic Tools Menu

On the top right of the page, you will see the Catalyst Tools icons. Hover over these to create a new tool or to learn more about what the tools can do.

Catalyst Tool Icons

Receiving New Tools

New invitations to participate in or collaborate on tools will appear at the top of the page. You can choose to move these tools to your Starred tab, your full list of tools, or simply remove them from your account page.

You can also remove tools from the account page on either tab. Select “Show removed tools” in order to view and restore any tool to the account page.

Upcoming Dates

You can view a list of upcoming dates and deadlines to help you plan your work. “Upcoming dates” shows open and close dates for tools, and open, due, and close dates for Collect It dropbox assignments (for currently displayed tools on either the “Starred” or “Your Tools” tab.

Switch Accounts Without Logging Out

If you use shared accounts (also called supplemental accounts) for course or project tools and files, you can now select other accounts from a menu, and start working with the tools in that account without logging out or closing your browser. Best of all, your groups and class lists will be available for you to use as you work in the shared account.