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ShareSpaces Retired Nov. 12, 2015

Due to decreasing usage of Catalyst ShareSpaces and the increase of excellent file sharing solutions, UW-IT has decided to retire Catalyst ShareSpaces on November 12, 2015. Read the ShareSpaces Retirement FAQ.

Important Dates

June 5, 2015: No new ShareSpaces could be created after this date.

November 12, 2015: All instances of ShareSpaces become unavailable.

Options for File-Sharing

To help you consider options for file-sharing, we have collected the following information about UW services that let you store and share files with others.


UW-IT offers several other file-sharing services; please review this matrix to identify the option that best suits your needs.

Not Recommended

UW-IT cannot recommend products from companies with whom we do not have a contract. While such vendors may provide options that are sufficient for your purposes, because UW-IT does not have a relationship with them, the tools do not provide security protections such as HIPAA or FERPA compliance. Tools in this category include, but are not limited to, Dropbox and Box.

When evaluating your options, if you have a question about whether UW-IT has a contractual relationship with a vendor, please send a message to

Matrix of Select UW-IT File-Sharing Services