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Get Started: Transition from GoPost to Microsoft Yammer

About Yammer Groups

Yammer groups can be open to anyone at the UW (public) or restricted to group members (private). To determine whether Yammer will meet your needs, we recommend participating in existing Yammer groups and discussions before creating your own. A good place to start is reading and posting to the Yammer 101 group in the UW Yammer network. Discussions are organized in groups by topic or by the community the group serves. For example, the UW SharePoint Community of Practice is a community group and Metrics & Reporting is a topical group. To focus on discussions of primary interest, Yammer users can “follow” people and groups and set their notifications preferences.

UW faculty, staff, and students can use Yammer by signing in to using their email address. You can access Yammer using a web browser, and device apps. Desktop clients for Mac and Windows are in limited release (as of 8/11/17) with general release coming in the next few months.

To host discussions with people outside of the UW, a Yammer External Group or External Network is required. Send an email to for assistance in determining the best approach for your intended use.

The information below shows you how to create a new group in Yammer, start a new conversation, and make information “sticky.”

Create a new group in Yammer:

  1. On the left, under UW.EDU GROUPS, click + Create a Group.
    Create a group in Yammer
  2. Select Internal Group
    Yammer Click Internal Group
  3. Enter a name for your group.
  4. Enter the email addresses of members you want to add (you can also invite people later).
  5. To restrict the group to group members, select Private Access. To open to the largest potential participation, leave the access public. 
  6. Click Create Group.

Start a discussion

To start a discussion, on the Group page, enter your message in the Update field and click Post.
Start a new conversation
People can reply to your post, like it or share it.

Make a conversation “sticky”

In GoPost you can mark a new conversation as “sticky” so it stays at the top of your discussion. Make a conversation sticky when it includes information that you want to make sure everyone sees. To do this in Yammer, you can add content to the group home page.

Info and Pinned sections on Yammer Groups home page

Describe the purpose of the group in the Info section.

Add files or links to the Pinned section.