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Get Started: Transition from Collect It to Google Forms

This tutorial walks you through creating a new Google Form, setting it up to receive file uploads from users, and viewing submissions. Google Forms can be shared via email, a web link, or with code embedded in a web page. Additional documentation on the tasks outlined here is available from Google. Google Forms is a part of Google Drive. You can review Google Drive best practices here.


  • As a security precaution, only those with UW NetIDs are able to upload files to UW Google Forms.
  • Google Forms within “Team Drive” do not allow for document collection.
  • If you plan to use a Google Form to collect documents, UW-IT recommends using a Shared UW NetID to create the Google Form. This practice is particularly recommended when you plan to collect team or departmental data that you anticipate retaining for a long time.

Create a Google Form

  1. To access Google Forms, go to Google Drive.
  2. At the top left of the screen, click New, click More, click Google Forms and then select Blank form. This opens a new form.User interface with menus revealed showing steps to access Google Forms menu item
  3. To the right of Untitled Question, click the dropdown selector and then select File upload. This adds a field that allows a user to upload a file that will be stored in your Google Drive account.image of untitled Google form
  4. Add page content and specify upload options. To preview how the form will appear to your users, in the top right of the screen, click the eye icon.sample form showing checkboxes for submission file types
  5. Optional. Explore color schemes and form settings by clicking the palate and gear icons in the top right.  Add collaborators via the Extras menu in the top right.
  6. When ready to publish, in the top right of the screen, click Send. You can share the form in three ways: via email, web link, or via code that you embed into a web page.

View File Submissions

  1. To view submitted files, click Responses and then View Folder.
    response view, with one sample response showing
  2. To receive an email notification when a file is submitted, click the Extras menu (three vertical dots) and then click Get email notifications for new responses.